Modern Bedroom Furniture
Whenever the word modern or contemporary is used for furniture, we usually think of words like clean and streamlined because these are common features which can be found in almost all modern furniture. Nowadays, people prefer modern platform beds for their bedroom. These days this contemporary bedroom furniture has become the status symbol for families.

7 million for a Ferrari Collection


When passion for cars collection does not know boundaries, not worth the money. For this we are satisfied this weekend famous radio DJ Chris Evans who paid 7,040,000 dollars for a Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder in 1961 in the auction organised by RM Auctions.
Although the starting price was set at 3.5 million euros, the 30 minutes of confrontation acerba a pasionatilor made that the final amount, which may be purchased model collection, to redouble. more on Auto Blog News and Reviews